prospecting and why we have it

Most motorcycle clubs typically prospect new members into the club, but not all require it.  We do require at least a minimum of six months of prospecting.  Why do you ask?  I'll answer that below.

Before you even get to the prospecting stage, we would invite you to one of our meetings.  We have nothing to hide and our meetings are almost always held in a public place.  This is a way for our members to meet you and for you to meet us.  Once the upper and lower patches along with the MC patch are presented, you will then begin the prospecting process.  This is a critical stage as we want to ensure that you meet the high standards of our club.  During prospecting you will be required to attend as many meetings and rides as you can.  Prospect hazing and outlaw Motorcycle Club rituals are not part of the NHRDMC prospecting process.  However, there has been some friendly joking that both the members and prospect have laughed about.  Having a good sense of humor is highly respected and sought after.

As we are a 100% Law Enforcement motorcycle club simply being a member is not enough.  We want to ensure that once you become a member you will represent our core values with pride and stand alongside every brother and know that every brother in our club stands alongside of you.  We are not an outlaw motorcycle club; we will not ask, or demand that you sacrifice anything that interferes with your family or job.  In fact, we promote that family and the job comes first.  Every club member is or was an officer and we understand the hardships and sacrifices one must make to ensure security for his family and himself.

If you are reading this and this sounds like you could fit in with us and us with you.  Then here are a few questions you may want to think about:

  1. Why do I want to join this club?
  2. Do I want to wear the NHRDMC colors and abide by the club's values?
  3. Can I balance family, job and club obligations?
  4. If I become a fully patched member,   can I contribute to the well being  of this club?
  5. Can I put the club over any petty issues that may arise?
  6. Can I maintain club confidentiality with only my brothers?  Or will I discuss club issues outside of the club?
  7. When speaking my opinion during   club meetings can I respect the opinion and maintain comradery with my  fellow brother even if I disagree  with them?

Clearly, one can see that these are reasonable questions.  If for any reason you have an issue with one or more of them, then maybe this club is not for you.

So, in closing as stated above we are a 100% Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club.  If you love to ride a motorcycle and are a police officer with arrest powers either on the job or retired and this law enforcement motorcycle club sounds interesting to you, fill out the attached form located on this site