RDMC History


The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club of the United States Inc. in a registered non-profit organization.  It was originated in 1995.  The club was formed to comprise a list of police officers that could call on each other for runs rather than riding alone.  It took 14 months to come up with a name for the club that would not be offensive or align the club with some type of deviant behavior, a demonic symbol, or off the wall beliefs.  The color combination of the rockers and center patch are intentionally light in nature to not resemble the "COLORS" of an outlaw motorcycle club.

Our first run was made in September of 1996.  The original 6 charter members from New Hampshire made a 2 day 1100 mile ride to southern Maryland for the Annual National Troopers Coalition Picnic.  

The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club has much to offer:   Friendship, Brotherhood, and group activities in a relaxed but controlled atmosphere.  EVERY member in EVERY Chapter has a closeness and sense of LOYALTY and RESPECT for one another.

The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club has NO affiliation with ANY OTHER MOTORCYCLE CLUB.  We are a respectful group of family-oriented motorcycle enthusiasts who love to ride motorcycles,  believe in "The Brotherhood," Charity, and Supporting Law Enforcement.   


 The club is comprised solely of SWORN or RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS.  SPONSORSHIP IS REQUIRED.  There is no requirement to own a Harley Davidson, however the cafe racer style "Crotch Rocket" is prohibited from the ranks of the club.